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When you buy your first RV it is very exciting and you have a lifetime of camping and exploring to look forward to.  It is the perfect activity for socializing and sharing experiences and bringing your pets, especially when everyone gathers around the camp fire. In these times of Covid-19 it is even more important because of the ability to have an unbelievable holiday with family and friends with very little contact with others. If you don't own an RV you can easily rent one. Renting is the obvious choice for travelers flying in  from overseas. I am going to blog about some of the things I have learned after 40 years of RV and camping experience behind me, so check back often

As the years go by I have discovered little tips and tricks that make things easier or better when out camping. One of those things is, what is the best way to scrape the grill on the barbeque. The best way I found, by far, is to use a wooden wedge. Not just any wedge, the kind you can buy in a building supply store, you can buy about 12 or more in a small package for just a few dollars and one wedge will easily last all year or more, how's that for a cheap solution! Wedges are easy to clean and if you keep it in a ziplock bag you won't get any smudge on anything. The wedge I am talking about is usually made of spruce wood and is about 9 inches long, 2 inches wide and about a 3/8" thick at the thick end and 1/8" thick at the thin end. If you have a saw and a piece of wood you can cut your own wedge for free! After just a few strokes on the grill using the thin edge it will wear some grooves into the wood and this will clean the top and the sides of the grill in between slots, nothing else cleans as fast and thoroughly. You can buy those big wooden scrapers in the store but I found them to be mostly useless, they are far too big and thick to clean anything. Please do not use a wire brush, a piece of wire may break off, stay on the grill and get into your food which may create a medical emergency! Go ahead and try my small wedges and let me know what you think.....I am Handy Randy. Click to enlarge the picture below.

RV's with more than 2 steps can make for a steep entry, fifth wheels and big travel trailers are very popular and usually have this issue. Big motorhomes also have several steps but half of them are inside the RV which makes it much better. For those of you with fifth wheels and big travel trailers you have the option of buying a set of 4 step stairs which will bolt right onto your RV or you can do what I did and build your own wooden stairs. I used light weight 5/8" plywood which made the stairs very light and strong and I use 2 bolts to hold them in place. I don't have to tighten the bolts, they act more like a pin than a bolt, the stairs actually stay in place without a bolt but I put them there anyway. These stairs are light enough to handle with one hand, anyone can do it, and when traveling I put them in the back of the truck. Click to enlarge the picture below. 

When planning an RV vacation it is important to get it right considering the time and money you need to invest. There are many advantages to being part of a caravan, you get all the planning and guiding plus the freedom to explore and relax on your own and you are with like minded people which you are sure to strike up a friendship with. These friendships quite often endure beyond the caravan tour and is one of the most rewarding benefits. I know when I travel with the RV I look forward to making new friends as well as visiting exciting places.

We are excited about the Covid-19 vaccines, this will hopefully pave the way for the road to recovery. I am looking forward to a return of normal, where we can have unrestricted travel and enjoy the freedom to explore our world! If you like fewer people and cooler weather then come join us in June or September.

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