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rv tours to   canada, the  alberta rockies, Vancouver  Island

Apex RV Tours provides guided and escorted RV caravan tours in Canada specializing in Alberta and British Columbia.

We actually live in Alberta along our tour route so you can be sure you're going to see and experience the best activities. Other tour companies might be missing some of the best locations to visit so we are confident our tours are better!

We book and include all of the campsites, RV parks and all of the tours and activities and provide the meals that are included in the itinerary in our price. Our pace will be comfortable with time to take in the sights and allow for plenty of breaks to stretch our legs along the way.

While we would love to have our guests be with us the entire tour we do offer the option of booking with us for part of the tour. Anyone wanting to do so can contact us for pricing and availability.

While on the Vancouver Island tour our guests can take the optional fishing charter for salmon, halibut, cod,  rockfish, prawns and crab.

Why book with us? Our groups are small, usually less than 23 rigs. We take the stress out of your trip so you can focus on soaking it all in for maximum enjoyment. All of the planning is done for you. Our caravan has an experienced wagon master at the helm and a tail gunner at the rear to give help when needed. 

For single travelers we offer help with companionship,  safety and security.

We are also trained in first aid and CPR to help with urgent medical events.

While you are away on your activities we provide free pet watching and if they need to be taken outside for a bathroom break, we have you covered, no need to worry.

Making new friends, group activities, the best excursions, the best RV parks, the best restaurants are what you can expect.

We believe our tour provides the most exciting package available at the lowest price, we don't compromise. Come and join us and we will prove it to you.

Our activities are the most exhilarating take your breath away experiences available!

travel tips

There are many things you can do to avoid problems when bringing items on this tour.

If you will be crossing into Canada and back into the your home country make sure to not cross into either country with restricted items, the Canadian border agents are the authority on this so it is best to go on their web site for complete information. Crossing the border with firewood must be avoided.

It is best to leave firearms at home along with anything else which could be viewed as an offensive weapon. Citizens under the age of 18 must be travelling with a parent or have written notarized consent of parents or guardian.

Pets are welcome, dogs must have a rabies shot which is good for three years along with a signed document from the veterinarian. Other pets have even more requirements, check both countries web sites.

Make sure your rig is in top condition to avoid breakdowns, prevention is the best solution.

Pay special attention to your tires, robust tires will help you avoid problems. We carry equipment to temporarily repair nail punctures and inflate tires.


FAQ's About Our caravan tours

1. Do I need a passport? Yes if you cross the Canadian border.

2. What does the price of the tour usually include? All of the listed activities and meals listed in the itinerary, all of the campground reservations during the caravan, personal name tags and rig tags, pet walking for pets when you are on activities, tips/gratuities, concierge service before and during the caravan.

3. What if I have a medical need or mechanical problem during the caravan? Our tailgunner is always at the rear of the caravan.  We will have contact information for services that may be required. The tailgunner  also carries various tools and supplies along with a temporary tire repair kit with air compressor if needed. The tailgunner will stay with you until you are back on the road or help arrives. It is recommended to have a membership with a company such as AAA, Good Sam or CoachNet in case you need towing.

4. What is not included? Any optional activities and anything not listed on the itinerary. National Park pass and any ferry crossings.

why choose apex rv tours?

We have friendly and professional tour guides and tail gunners with over 30 years experience in the field.

We are a family owned and operated RV caravan tour company.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We also accept  wire transfer, etransfer and checks for your payment convenience.

We offer help with safety, security with well equipped touring vehicles.

We offer quality services at competitive rates.

We work 7 days a week to best serve you.

We live where we tour so nobody knows the area better than we do, we give you experiences that no one else can. Let us prove it to you!